Bottega Veneta Aftershave & Men's Fragrance

Bottega Veneta established in 1966 in Vicenza, Italy. The name translates to “Venetian Boutique” in Italian.

This exceptional leather goods brand has made a name for itself by combining proper leather craft in the Italian tradition and a luxurious style that speaks for itself. Bottega Veneta owes its success to its innovative techniques using woven leather, which is its signature trait.

Bottega Veneta is known worldwide has worked with legendary artists such as Andy Warhol for the promotion of its products. In 2001, Bottega Veneta acquired Tomas Maier as creative director, having been appointed to this position by Tom Ford himself.

Bottega Veneta also make jewellery, glasses, shoes, furniture, luggage and decorative objects for the home, as well as many remarkable fragrances for men such as Bottega Veneta Pour Homme (2013) and Essence Aromatique (2011). Pour Homme Extreme (2013) is a more intense version of the original Pour Homme, an aromatic, fresh and spicy fragrance for men that features sensual notes like pimento, leather and woods. This fragrance was promoted by the model Zak Steiner.

The fragrances are created in cooperation with Givaudan and uses exotic ingredients such as Andalusian labdanum and Calabrian bergamot. Like all other Veneta products, the bottles are designed with leather details.
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