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Creed Aftershave & Men's Fragrance

Creed is a French perfume and tailoring house established in 1790. They are known as one of the world's première makers of scent and their niche fragrances have been favourites of the rich, famous and influential for centuries. The Creed family were originally tailors and were employed by luminaries like Queen Victoria and Count Alfred d'Orsay. The family also created bespoke fragrances in very limited numbers. It wasn't until the 70's that the fragrances were made available publicly, having only used private contracting in the past. It is still owned and run by the Creed family, currently by father and son Erwin and Olivier Creed. They develop scents together which is how the enormously successful Aventus (2010) came to be.

Some of our favourite Creed aftershaves and eau de toilettes include Green Irish Tweed (1985), a fresh and grassy fougere with citrus and violet leaves that was inspired by walks in the Irish countryside. Imperial (1995) is actually a unisex fragrance but this fresh and Mediterranean scent with lemon, mandarin and sea salt tends to be quite popular with gentlemen. The woody Original Vetiver (2004) blends vetiver roots, herbs, spices and citrus fruit for an intoxicating fragrance that manages to be both clean and earthy at the same time. The more recent scent Aventus (2010) is the perfume house's most successful and best known scent. An elegant and powerful fragrance inspired by the life of Napoleon, it weaves together smoke, pineapple and birch on a woody moss base for an incredibly masculine and deep scent with fantastic longevity .

Creed aftershave is made with the best hand-picked ingredients. They source the materials for their perfumes from all over the globe and bottle all fragrances by hand. Unlike many other perfume houses they do not use synthetic materials in their products and refrain from animal testing. This reliance on fine ingredients makes it so that, like fine wine, each year brings slight variations to the fragrances. The word Millésime denotes that the fragrance has been made with the finest crops of that particular year. Among Creed fans it is common to discuss the different production years of the most famous fragrances, such as Aventus. This attention to detail and the slow process of traditional perfumery sets Creed apart from their competitors. There can sometimes be years before a new scent is released.
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