Diesel Aftershave & Men's Fragrance

Diesel was founded in 1978 by Renzo Rosso and the company is best known for its denim and fragrance collections. The brand was founded with the intention of becoming a leading fashion house for a younger generation of consumers and their popularity soon rose to new heights. It is this intention which also saw Diesel implementing innovative marketing strategies such as using video games as marketing platforms for their clothing range. The company is believed to be the first ever to market its clothing by such means! It wasn't just Rosso's intentions which saw the company rise through the global fashion ranks, but also the creative genius of Wilbert Das, who's first ever job after finishing his studies was in fact to design the men's collection at Diesel, which in 1993 earned him the position of creative director at the fashion house. It was in fact Das' vision which guided the company's fashions and international marketing strategies for nearly 20 years until his departure in 2009, which is when Bruno Collin took over his position as creative director.

Throughout the years, Diesel has always aimed its products at young adults which explains their quirky means of product presentation and packaging, especially in their fragrance collection. Their products can now be found in over 300 different Diesel-branded stores and more than 5000 retail outlets worldwide. It has been said that Diesel even goes as far as intentionally arranging and presenting their store merchandise in a confusing way so that shoppers would have no choice but to interact with the sales staff.

Diesel's first ever fragrance was simply called Diesel, a unisex fragrance launched in 1996. Shortly after that Diesel released their first ever men's fragrance, Plus Plus Masculine (1997), a warm and woody Oriental fragrance which complimented the masculinity of their young consumers. Other popular men's fragrances and aftershaves released by Diesel include the aromatically fresh and spicy special edition Green Masculine (2003), the aromatic fougere notes of Fuel For Life (2007), the Oriental woody and citrus notes of Only The Brave (2009), the softly spiced aquatic notes of Fuel For Life Summer (2010) and the sweet fruity accords of Only The Brave Tattoo (2012) to name but a few.

DIESEL – be young, be daring.
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