Ducati Aftershave & Men's Fragrance

The motorcycle manufacturer Ducati was founded by Antonio Ducati in Bologna, Italy in 1926. Initially the family-run business produced radio parts. After WW2 the company started to branch out onto bigger machines and started a production line of motors and shortly after motorbikes. In 2012 the company was acquired by German car manufacturer Audi and is therefore now part of the Volkswagen Group. All Ducati vehicles are still manufactured on site in Bologna. The company sells their products to over 60 countries worldwide.

Other than motorbikes and accessories Ducati also offers a range of sophisticated male fragrances. The company's philosophy is based on passion for elegance and performance which is reflected in their product design, including the brand's fragrance line. The bottles are inspired by Ducati motorbikes and echo the curvy and seductive lines of the machine to create a timeless design in line with Italian style.

The Ducati perfume range for men was introduced in 2010 with the Signature fragrance Ducati For Men (2010). The scent's woody aromatic composition combines notes of fig leaf, papyrus, grapefruit, vetiver, bergamot, musk and fine woods which are supposed to recreate the sensations a motorbike driver experiences during a ride on one of the popular machines. With their second release Fight For Me (2011), the company goes back to its Italian roots: the aromatic fragrance includes a zesty top note of Calabrian bergamot combined with red apple, lavender, geranium, sandalwood and amber. Its successor is Fight For Me Extreme (2013), which puts less stress on the bergamot note and highlights the oriental base of its predecessor. Ducati fragrances are made in conjunction with perfumers Emilie Coppermann and Christophe Raynaud and each Ducati Eau de Toilette is available with scent accompanying male care ranges.

Ducati is successfully involved in motor sports. They have won 15 out of 18 driver titles and 16 manufacturer titles at the Superbike World Championships. The company also has a huge fan base of motorbike enthusiasts. Their fans are known as “Ducatits” who gather yearly for different fan meetings all around the world and the Ducati website gets over 12 million clicks per year.

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