Estée Lauder Aftershave & Men's Fragrance

Estée Lauder has a limited range of men’s fragrances and here at Perfume Click, we offer them at a great value. Take a look at our selection of Estée Lauder for men, including Pleasures and Intuition and add a beautiful aftershave to your collection.

Who is Estée Lauder?

Established much earlier than many aftershave and fragrance companies, the house of Estée Lauder was one of the founding cosmetic, beauty and perfume giants for both men and women to establish themselves in what was set to be one of the most lucrative and sought after markets in the world. Originally founded by Joseph Lauder and his wife Estée Lauder back in 1946, the company today is now one of the leading manufacturers and marketers of prestige skincare, makeup, fragrance and haircare products.
Estée Lauder is the parent company to many others, who provide amazing cosmetics and fragrances for men, as well as women, including Aramis and Clinique. Since Lauder’s son and grandson are heavily involved in the business, the needs of the male customer are considered as much as the female customers, producing beautiful colognes and other products for men.
If you’re looking for a new fragrance, take a look at our range of Estée Lauder aftershaves.
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