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GAP Aftershave & Men's Fragrance

Real estate developer Donald Fisher and wife Doris Fisher opened the first GAP store in San Fransisco in 1969. The dream was to open a store that sold jeans that fitted them properly, so they started out selling jeans and records in their store (the records were there to attract all the students that went to San Francisco University just up the street).

Within the first year of the business the Fishers almost went bankrupt due to not selling enough. When they decided to sell their stock cheaper, they sold out within a few days and Donald realised that the reason his business was failing wasn't because of lack interest, but due to the prices. The Fishers decided to sell bigger brands at smaller prices, which turned out to be a really good business model – they soon had over 180 stores across 21 states and exceeded sales for over $10 million in 1976.

The late 70's was a ground breaking time for GAP. This was the time when they decided to start their own brand, starting out with just a few apparel pieces for men and women. By 1980 GAP decided to push other brands to the back and focus on sales of their own brand.

Today GAP sells everything from clothing, swimwear, fitness clothes. Shoes, accessories, skin care and fragrances to both women, men and children.

The first fragrance for men came out in 2007 and is called G For Men. This fragrance came in a bottle shaped like a hip flask and had a woody aromatic scent – a real manly fragrance.
One of the most popular aftershaves for men is Deep Gap that was released in 2012. This fragrance is a wild mix of citrus, woods and aromatic notes but doesn't feel overwhelming.
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