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George Best Aftershave & Men's Fragrance

George Best is one of Britain's most beloved sportsmen and one of the enduring icons of Irish football. He is widely considered to be a fantastic and creative footballer and was also one of the first players to truly achieve celebrity status, not only because of his incredible skills on the pitch but perhaps due to his good looks and and the iconic long hair that earned him the nickname "El Beatle" when he was playing with Manchester United. After achieving fame with United he also became known for his behaviour off the field, including the struggle with addiction that would cause the liver problems which lead to his passing in 2005. Following his tenure with the team he played in smaller teams including Fulham and a slew of American football clubs until retiring from professional football in 1983. Although Best never played in a World Championship due to Ireland not qualifying at the right time he is still regarded as one of the best football players of all time.

In 2014 the George Best Foundation which was founded by his sister launched a collection of fragrances in honour of the legendary player. The George Best fragrances and aftershaves have been created in collaboration with Jigsaw ESL and are divided into two separate series, Gold and Silver. Gold is a fresh masculine scent featuring notes of lemon and black pepper on a musky base of vanilla and amber while the sporty Silver brings more fruit to the pitch with mandarin, apple on a patchouli base. The George Best Silver Edition fragrance is also available in a larger set known as the 12th Man Edition with hair & body wash, fragrance and a travel spray.

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George Best Gold Edition Gift Set 100ml EDT + 100ml Hair & Body Wash
George Best Gold Edition Gift Set 100ml EDT + 100ml Hair & Body WashMy opinion about george
Asif Raza,
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I have buy 10 perfumes Because my friend told me to get this perfume it smell is so nice

George Best
George Best 12th Man Edition (M)
12TH MAN EDITION (M)12th Man Edition by George Best is a sophisticated fragrance for...
George Best Best
BESTBest by George Best is a fragrance for men.
George Best Silver Edition