Guess Aftershave & Men's Fragrance

Guess is a French-American fashion brand founded in the early 1980's. The brand is mostly known for it's jeans, as well as their fragrances and colognes. Some of the most popular Guess fragrances for men include Guess Man (2006) and Guess Dare for Men (2014).

Guess, sometimes stylized as GUESS?, was founded by brothers Georges and Maurice Marciano in the early 1980's. They were later joined by their brothers Armand and Paul making Guess a true family company. The brothers grew up in Marocco and come from a long line of rabbis. They broke with their past and instead turned to fashion, running several clothes shops in the south of France. In the late 70's they became interested in starting a new business in America and the very first Guess shop opened it's doors in 1981 and was located in the exclusive Beverly Hills area.

At first the company only sold jeans for women but in 1983 they introduced a line for men. Guess was one of the first brands to popularize stone-washed jeans and also played a lot with zipper placement, using ankle zippers for some of their most famous designs. At the time, jeans were considered a bit out of fashion but through a powerful marketing campaign and by using innovative designs the Marciano brothers created a new craze for denim. The classic 80's jeans the character Marty Mcfly wears in the Back To The Future films were actually custom-made by Guess for the film. After all, Beverly Hills is just next door to Hollywood!

There have been many great Guess colognes, aftershaves and fragrances in recent years. Guess Man (2006) is a citric aromatic for men which is based on wormwood and features ginger, lavender, sandalwood, balsam and fir. Guess Suede (2007) is a warm yet fresh mixture of super fresh citrus, suede and leather. A more recent release is Guess Dare for Men (2016), an adventurous scent with wood, spices, juniper and patchouli.
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