Hermès Aftershave & Men's Fragrance

Hermès is a luxury goods house founded in 1837. The name comes from founder Thierry Hermès whose family has been involved with the company since it was established. The original Hermès built harnesses for the horses of nobles in Paris. He was known for his breathtaking craftsmanship and the high quality of his leather goods. After he passed his son took over and moved the shop to the now famous address 24 Faubourg Saint-Honoré in Paris where they introduced leather bags to of the same excellent quality. Charles-Émile Hermès left the company to his sons who expanded operations in Europe. By the turn of the century the Hermés family were selling saddles to the Russian Czar. They were also the first to use the zipper for clothing and bags in France as they had exclusive rights to what was at that time a brand new invention. In 1922 the company introduced the very first handbag, the item they would of course become known for. The brand had immense success in the following years and began to focus on handbags and scarves.

The first fragrance exclusively for men would not be introduced until the release of Equipage in 1970. This was a energetic fragrance with zesty citrus, herbs and spices with a rare wood and pine opening. By this time the company had introduced their famous orange packaging and the logo with the horse and carriage. The next big step in terms of men's fragrances would be the release of the now legendary Terre D'Hermes (2006). This was the next big men's release for Hermes and carries on the tradition of using woods and citrus but in a completely new way. Terre D'Hermes is a very popular complex scent that develops on the skin using notes of orange, pepper, patchouli, pelargonium, woods and benzoin to create a sense of earthy materials like wood and stone with a zesty and almost bitter twist. This fragrance has also been released in limited editions like the added freshness of Terre d'Hermes Eau Tres Fraiche which mixes the woody earthiness with some seriously fresh citrus fruits like grapefruit.

Hermès has kept on expanding and in 2015 they collaborated with tech giant Apple on special leather editions of the Apple Watch. This carries on the great tradition of Hermès watches, which have been made since the 1930's.
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