Jacques Bogart Aftershave & Men's Fragrance

Jacques Konckier was a French menswear designer who founded Jacques Bogart in 1975.
He is a pioneer in the marketing of men’s fragrance, with his first fragrance, Bogart, being launched in 1975. The following year Bogart was exported to 20 countries and by 1980 it was exported to 60 countries. After the moderate success of this fragrance, Konckier found even greater success in 1980 with his next fragrance, One Man Show, which is a masculine, earthy scent featuring the spice of wood and tobacco. This was followed by several women’s scents through the Ladipus brand in the mid eighties, and in 1988 by Bogart’s Furyo and the highly popular exotic scent of Rumba under the Balenciaga name.
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