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Shawn Corey Carter was born 4th December 1969 in Brooklyn, New York. He is one of the most popular rappers in the world and also one of the scene's most successful acts. He has a reported net worth of over $500 million. Jay Z is famously married to Beyoncé and together they have a daughter called Blue Ivy Carter.

In 1996 Jay Z released his first album Reasonable Doubt with the follow-up coming just a year later. This Sean Combs-produced record was called My Lifetime, Vol 1 and deals with t the loss of Jay-Z's good friend rapper Notorious B.I.G who got killed in a shooting.

Jay Z released one of his most successful singles ever, Hard Knock Life, in 1998 and has been an permanent part of the hip hop scene since. In 2003, 8 albums into his career, Jay-Z publicly announced that he would retire from making any studio albums and concentrate on side projects and collaborations. The retirement didn't last long, it only took Jay Z 3 years to release his next album called Kingdom Come. Jay Z also released a collab album, Watch the Throne, with the rapper Kanye West in 2011.

Jay Z is know for much more than just music. He is the founder and owner of various record labels, the co-owner of the fashion brand Rocawear and night club chain 40/40 Club. He's also very interested in sports, being the co-owner of the NBA team Brooklyn Nets and a certified NBA and MLB sports agent.

Jay Z released his first fragrance for men in 2013 called Gold. The aftershave was made with one of the best “noses” in the business, Ilias Ermenidis. The Jay-Z fragrance is a lovely aromatic with fresh spices, well-deserving of the name. Jay Z Gold has been released as an Eau de Toilette in three different sizes.

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Jay Z Gold Eau de Toilette 90ml Spray
Jay Z Gold Eau de Toilette 90ml SprayWorth the money
Jason Martin,
Review for "Jay Z Gold Eau de Toilette 90ml Spray" version

smells great compared to some of the more expensive fragrances. Was a great gift for my brother.

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Gold by Jay Z is aromatic fragrance for men. It contains...

Jay Z
Jay Z Gold
GOLDGold by Jay Z is aromatic fragrance for men. It contains...
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