Jo Malone Aftershave & Men's Fragrance

The fragrance, skin care and scented homeware brand Jo Malone was launched in 1994, when Malone herself opened a small boutique in Knightsbridge. The fragrance designer who formally worked as a florist and private beautician originally got the idea of opening her own shop after she created a scented bathing oil for her flower shopping customers. Only using exquisite high quality ingredients, Jo Malone fragrances are inspired by nature and often only include a small selection of vivid scent notes. The perfume business quickly grew and Jo Malone opened her flag ship store on the famous Sloane Street in London in 1999. This made the brand interesting to industry giant Estee Lauder who bought the company off the founder in the same year. Jo Malone however continued working for the brand as creative director until she had to step down from this post in 2006 due to her poor health at the time.

She was awarded an MBE for her achievements in 2008. In 2011 Jo Malone made a comeback with her new company Jo Loves.

Most Jo Malone fragrances are unisex and wearers are encouraged to find their own personal scent by mixing the different fragrances. This was introduced by the brand under the term of Fragrance Combining. The brand's compositions were created by distinguished perfumers like Jo Malone, Christine Nagel and Pierre Negrin using high quality ingredients. Jo Malone perfumes are categorised into 7 collections: Citrus, Floral, Light Floral, Fruity, Spicy, Woody and Cologne Intense. Although wearers are encouraged to wear any fragrance regardless of gender, notes traditionally associated with male fragrances are especially found in Amber & Lavender (1995) and Black Vetyver Cafe (2003). Jo Malone Colognes come in 30ml and 100ml bottles and are presented in the brand's signature cream-coloured box.
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