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John Richmond Aftershave & Men's Fragrance

John Richmond, born in 1961 in Manchester, is a British fashion designer, creator of the John Richmond brand. The first collection that John Richmond ever released appeared in 1982, after Richmond finished his studies in London, and having collaborated previously with prestigious brands like Armani. His brand was founded in collaboration with another designer, Maria Cornejo, in 1984, but three years later, he continued with the brand on his own, releasing a collection of stylish shirts and denim that was accessible to the general public due to its low prices. The collection was given the name Destroy and is one of the most popular lines that John Richmond has created to date.

Ever since, the brand releases both a more pricey line and a more affordable line, with denim elements and sport shoes. The brand has a unique style, deeply linked to youth and rock cultures. Their fashion collections have legions of fans amongst which we can find great names like Annie Lennox, Marco Materazzi or Clarence Serdorf.

John Richmond has also created a celebrated fragrance line to complement their clothes. The male fragrances of John Richmond keep the masculinity and challenging style of their fashion, and good proof of this is the spicy and citric fragrance John Richmond for men, launched in 2010 and containing seductive ingredients like melon, amber, cardamom and bergamot, whereas Richmond X Man, released in 2014, with tonka, cypriol and cashmere, was linked to the fashion collection of the same name.

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John Richmond John Richmond for Men Gift Set 4.5ml EDT + 25ml Shower Gel + 25ml A/S Balm
John Richmond John Richmond for Men Gift Set 4.5ml EDT + 25ml Shower Gel + 25ml A/S BalmGreat Stocking Filler
Colin Coyle,
Review for "John Richmond John Richmond for Men Gift Set 4.5ml EDT + 25ml Shower Gel + 25ml A/S Balm" version

Nice subtle scent, with the small sizes for this it is probably only going to last around two wears but that's alright. Oriental spicy fragrance, inoffensive and likeable

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