Jovan Aftershave & Men's Fragrance

Jovan, sometimes stylized as Jōvan, is a line of musk cologne for men known for it's unique scent and suggestive advertising. It first came out in 1971 when musk oil was becoming a very popular scent. In the 70's people were very interested in natural things and musk, which tends to enhance the body’s own scent, was a perfect fit for this free-spirited decade. The original Jovan Musk was an incredibly powerful skin scent that wasn't too strong but had an incredible longevity, especially considering the low price point. According to some, it would stay on for several days even if you showered or had a bath. The scent flew off the shelves, especially after marketing campaigns that focused on it's seductive qualities.

Jovan firmly put sex into adverts like few fragrance brands had done before. Before Jovan it was subtle, with hints of what the scent could do for the individual, but with Jovan it was headlines like "Sex Appeal for Sale. Come in and get yours." and "Drop for drop, Jovan Musk Oil has brought more men and women together than any other fragrance in history." Their marketing strategy that proved to be a very smart venture; their sales soared from $1.5 million in 1971 to $77 million by 1978.

The brand was also one of the first fragrance brands to sponsor a band, being the main sponsors of the Rolling Stones “Tattoo You” tour in 1982. The rambunctious blues band was a great fit for Jovan and we're sure the concert crowd must have smelled fantastic!

While the original Jovan Musk For Men is still the brand's best-seller they have released plenty of new takes on their classic musk formula. Sex Appeal (1975) did away with any pretences and mixed spices and herbs with musk. Jovan Black Musk (2009) is a modern and darker take on musk oil with sweet undertones.
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