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Karl Lagerfeld Aftershave & Men's Fragrance

Karl Lagerfeld is a famous designer known for his
couture fashion, love of art and unique personal style.

This French-German fashion designer is a quite mysterious character and not much is known about his origins or personal life. In fact, he has never revealed his birth day and has given several different years to the press. We do know that he grew up in northern Germany where his father owned a milk company and in 2008 a german paper found evidence Lagerfeld was born in 1933.

After finishing studies in illustration and history in the early 1950's, Lagerfeld went on to work for Balmain, using the pseudonym Roland Karl. He was discovered and given an apprenticeship after having participated in a design contest where his winter coat won first prize. He did well and got a designer position at Jean Patou, the esteemed French couture house also known for their perfumes, and Lagerfeld designed highly conceptual pieces for them in the early 60's. He has since worked for numerous brands including Chanel, where he has been the lead designer since 1983, Fendi, Chloé and Macy's.

Lagerfeld is often described as a prodigy or a genius. Aside from fashion design he is a keen illustrator, architect, film-maker and photographer who shoots most of his ad campaigns himself. He is also known for his breathtaking collections of literature and art as well as his splendid homes, often decorated in historical styles and filled with custom pieces created by some of the world's most noted artists. He has never married but had a long relationship with Paris aristocrat Jacques de Bascher de Beaumarchais who passed away in 1989.

The very first Karl Lagerfeld fragrance was released as early as 1978. It's a woody and incense-like scent filled with musty notes of pipe tobacco, sandalwood, orris root and amber. Other Lagerfeld scents include the oriental spicy Photo (1990) with citrus and florals and the fresh and complex Jako (1998). Among the more modern entries we find Karl Lagerfeld for Him (2014), a fougere scent with aromatic overtones with lavender oil, apple and violet on a woody base.
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