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Kenneth Cole Aftershave & Men's Fragrance

Kenneth Cole is an American fashion designer who's most known for his shoes and his work with his own fashion label Kenneth Cole Productions as well as Unlisted and the subsidiary Reaction Kenneth Cole, as well as his fragrances.

Cole has never shied away from controversy and unusual solutions to problems. When he was just starting out after leaving the family company he really wanted to showcase his first collection of footwear during New York's market week where designers and retailers advertise their new collections. However, he didn't have enough money to actually book a room or advertising space in the Hilton Hotel where Market Week takes place so Cole checked if he could rent a trailer and park it outside the hotel to show his shoes. It turned out that the only way he would be allowed to park a trailer in the area would be for a film or TV production so he adopted the name Kenneth Cole Productions for his business and actually got a film crew to follow him around during Market Week. He was able to sell thousands of shoes in just a few days and get his company started, and the footage also ended up as the film “Birth Of A Shoe Company”. This was the beginning of Kenneth Cole's fashion empire and he has since then expanded into clothes, accessories, Kenneth Cole watches and of course fragrances but shoes remain at the heart of the company.

The first Kenneth Cole fragrance was introduced in 2002 and was simply called Kenneth Cole, with 2 different versions for men and women. Since then Cole has released several popular fragrances and aftershaves for men including the fresh and metropolitan Vintage Black (2009) with zesty notes of lime, grapefruit supported by white pepper and tequila. The spicy Connected (2011) with fresh fruit, oak moss, tobacco and driftwood arrives in a cool metallic bottle.
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