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Kylie Minogue Aftershave & Men's Fragrance

She captured the hearts of the nation when she appeared as Charlene in Neighbours and her success has gone from strength to strength since then – not only is she an inspiration amongst many women today but Kylie Minogue is also one of the most iconic female celebrities amongst men too, especially amongst the gay community. Famous for her music videos, especially the likes of 'Spinning Around' where she wore a now famous pair of tiny gold hot pants, Kylie Minogue started her music career at the tender age of 19 with her first recording debuting in 1987. Her still famous single 'The locomotion' topped the Australian charts for several weeks and still remains one of the most well known songs amongst men and women (although not all will admit to knowing it) of all times.

During the 1990s Kylie Minogue developed her music career and blossomed into a successful pop artist, working with the likes of respected musicians such as Nick Cave and featuring in a number of films with both main roles and cameo appearance. One of her most renowned performances was in 2007 at the MTV music awards where she stole the show by cheekily performing her then hit 'Kids' with Robbie Williams. Other great male artists that she has worked with includes The Pet Shop Boys, The Chemical Brothers and featuring in the huge blockbuster 'Moulin Rouge' in 2000.
In March 2010 Minogue was declared as one of the most powerful celebrities in Britain. She showcased her sweet and fizzy nature and was soon accepted an an adopted Brit and was often surrounded by a positive buzz. Minogue became famous for representing the many contrasting qualities of today’s modern woman. She is sensual yet sweet, sexy and charming. She is delicate as well as strong, seductive, glamorous and playful and so much more. The fragrances and aftershaves that Minogue created during her darker period of battling cancer reflects Kylie Minogue’s multifaceted personality.

Althought she has only created one scent for men today, Minogue is highly sought after and her popularity never decreases as the years pass. She has been voted as one of the hottest women of all time on several occasions in men's magazines such as FHM and declared by the media as a sex symbol quite early on in her career. She is said to feel very comfortable and has embraced her gay following and often performs in gay venues throughout the world after having been followed by several drag queens after a show in 1988. Minogue has since been hailed the greatest gay icon of all time and is one of the most influential pop stars across the male community to date.

In 2009 Kylie Minogue released her first fragrance for men, although it is often overshadowed by those that she released for women. It is said to be a strong, persistent and fukll of self esteem fragrance but at the same time emotional and sensual. It is a complexed and contrasting fragrance and represents a man with many contradictions. The seductive cologne of Inverse is the perfect choice for the charasmatic man and is perfect to wear both during the day and night. Minogue is a strong believer in this fragrance, saying that the time was right for her to release her first fragrance for men – she wanted to produce something for the modern day man as her world is full of handsome men who are happy to forget about stereotypes and choose something completely unconventional and this is what she hoped to achieve with this stunning scent.
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