Lalique Aftershave & Men's Fragrance

René Lalique was born in 1860 in Marne (France) and years later, his family transferred to Paris, where he studied to become a jeweller at the Parisian School of Decorative Arts. He started his career as jeweller designing pieces for prestigious brands such as Boucheron and Cartier, to open his on business shortly after, in 1887. His first creations combined a classic style and a Japanese inspiration, with the use of materials that were never used before, immediately creating his personal style, represented by its own seal with his initials (RL) and worn by famous actresses and members of the high society.

The company started a collaboration with the perfumer Coty, and Lalique started developing new techniques for the manufacture of perfume bottles, and started producing all their bottles in Alsace, a region famous for a deeply-rooted glass-production tradition.

After his death, in 1945, his son took care of the company, followed by Lalique's granddaughter in 1977.

Lalique not only produces jewellery, but also decorative articles, interior design items and perfumes. The first perfume ever launched by Lalique was Lalique de Lalique, released in 1992. The line of fragrances for men includes the woody Lalique pour Homme (1997), with lavender, bergamot and pomelo, the spicy Hommage a L'Homme, launched in 2011, and Louxor de Lalique, a citrus fragrance for men with lavender, bergamot and juniper berries that was released in 2006. Laliques Encre Noire has been their most popular release in recent times. It's an inky vetiver scent with a striking black bottle.

In 2014, the brand released the noir premier collection, with 5 fragrances from 5 different scent families (Rose Royale, Fruits du Mouvement, Elegance Animale, Fleur Universelle and Terres Aromatiques).
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