Lambretta Aftershave & Men's Fragrance

Lambretta is an Italian brand most known for their line of motor scooters and their relation to the mod fashion. The company started off as a factory in a suburb Milan in the 1920's and would later take the name of their bike from a legendary water spirit by the same name who was said to live in a nearby river. The Lambretta was created by Ferdinando Innocenti and the idea was to create a light vehicle for personal transport that wouldn't cost too much money and could be used by everyone, including women as normal motorcycles often posed a bit of a problem if you were wearing a dress. This was in the years following WWII and times were hard in Italy. Not only were mopeds cheaper than cars or a proper motorbike, they were also much more dynamic and smaller which worked well in the bombed-out Italian cities.

The resulting design, a moped with the engine mounted behind the driver, was a revolution and the vehicles didn't just become popular but also an enduring Italian icon along with the similar Vespa. In the 50's Lambretta also started exporting their bikes abroad. When the Lambrettas reached the UK this helped spawn the mod craze in the 1950's. The Mods were a British teenage subculture that indulged in all things modern, which the name was derived from. This included soul music, sharp suits, dance clubs and Italian modern scooters. They are also known for their conflicts with rockers. The most enduring image of the mod craze are the swarms of young men on their Lambretta scooters riding through city streets which was captured in the classic film “Quadrophenia”.

Lambretta ceased production due to economic trouble in the 70's and production but was revived in the 21st century. Aside from the scooters the brand also released a collection of accessories including clothing and fragrances. The Lambretta aftershave and fragrances capture the excitement of the 50's and 60's and the brand prides themselves on producing modern scents with durability and the best ingredients possible. L47 Scooter (2011) transports you into the driving seat of the famous moped with fresh citrus on a wood and amber base and Celebrate The Noize honours the great music made by mod bands like The Who with mandarin, spicy cardamom, black pepper and incense. This lambretta fragrance is available as as a gift set with an Eau de Toilette and a Body Wash in a nicely designed box.
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