Laura Biagiotti Aftershave & Men's Fragrance

Looking for a new aftershave for him? Laura Biagiotti offers a great collection of woody, spicy and oriental fragrances for men, including the popular Roma Uomo aftershave. Take a look at our range of Laura Biagiotti men's fragrances at great value prices and add one to your collection.

Who is Laura Biagiotti?

Laura Biagiotti is an Italian fashion designer, who has embraced the world of fragrance. The brand is an international success since the launch of its first collection for women in 1972 and Laura Biagiotti herself has won many awards, including the Knights of Labor award from Italy’s ex-President and Woman of the Year award in New York.
Her womenswear was affordable, but still luxurious, fashionable and made of high-quality fabrics; traits which have been transferred to its line of aftershaves. Many of the fragrances for men are designed to resemble Italian landmarks. The signature scent for men, Roma Uomo, was introduced in 1995 and the bottle is shaped like a roman temple full columns and entablature. Here at Perfume Click, we have a great range of fragrance by Laura Biagiotti for men and women.
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