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Luciano Soprani Aftershave & Men's Fragrance

Luciano Soprani was an Italian clothing designer that successfully created the brand of the same name in 1982. He belonged to a farmer family, studied agriculture and after his studies, decided to start a career in the fashion industry as a designer. He first collaborated for eight years with the brand Max Mara, then moved to Milan to work with famous brands like Gabrielli and Basile.

The brand rose to fame in the early 1980s and the Luciano Soprani name was always mentioned alongside other great brands like Armani and Versace and became known for its particular style, with a re-defined Milan-look and and fine couture techniques. The company reached the US and Japanese markets through their collaboration with Onward Kashiyama Group, that started in 1992. The designer died in 1999 in Milan, but the Soprani fashion house has maintained his creative spirit through the designer Alessandro Turci, that debuted in the company with a women's collection in 2003.

Aside from ready-to-wear clothes and accessories for men and women, the brand has a wide fragrance line including Luciano Soprani fragrances and aftershaves for men that started with the launch of Solo (1995). The fragrance was followed by People, in 1999 and then Just Free (2004), which is a citric and aromatic scent with Calabrian bergamot and neroli. More recent scent include the woody fragrance LS Man in 2007 and Soprani Uomo, a woody fragrance for men released in 2008 with grapefruit, spices and musk. The brand also offers sweet and powdery unisex fragrances such as Fico Pesca, which contains purely Italian ingredients, like figs from Salento.
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