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Mauboussin Aftershave & Men's Fragrance

Mauboussin is an esteemed French jewellery company that dates back to 1827. The company was founded by jeweller M. Rocher who opened a shop in Paris. Alongside his partner Jean Baptiste Noury who would later to take over the company, Rocher focused on expertly made bespoke jewellery, using the gemstones in new and exquisite ways. This led to great success for Mauboussin and their pieces were displayed at several world fairs in the 19th century as examples of the epitome of fine French jewellery.

Aside from the skill of their jewellers and the dazzling displays at Avenue de l'Opéra Mauboussin is also known for introducing new and colourful materials into the trade like jade, onyx and coral. The financial crisis that hit the world in the 1930's caused many long-established luxury brands to shut their doors for good but Mauboussin was able to survive thanks to the help of some of their more affluent clients like Nazli Abdurrahim Sabri, consort of the sultan of Egypt and Indian Maharadjas who saved the company with generous donations and contracts for immense jewellery displays in their court.

Mauboussin is still going strong today and have expanded to several new continents. They opened stores in Asia in the 1980's and in 2009 their American flagship store was opened in New York City. This opulent store and showroom, a four-story building filled to the brim with expensive jewels, gems and other assorted luxuries garnered much attention.
Mauboussin began making perfume in 2000 but it wasn't until 3 years later that the company began making scents for men. The first Mauboussin fragrance for men was the oriental Mauboussin Homme which was introduced in 2003. With a fresh opening of lavender and bergamot, a spicy heart of cinnamon on a wood and vanilla base the scent was a hit from the start and the company has since followed up the scent with great fragrances like the woody M Generation (2010) and Maboussin Pour Lui (2012) and its many versions.
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