Mexx Aftershave & Men's Fragrance

Mexx is an international clothing company started in Amsterdam in 1986. Today Mexx not only sell and design their own clothes including jackets and jeans; they also have a range of eyewear as well as men’s colognes and fragrances.

The history of Mexx begins in 1968 when Rattan Chadha merged his two brands Moustache for Men (M) with Emanuelle (E) for women and sealed it with two kisses (the XX). Since then Mexx has grown to become an international established brand with over 800 stores in more than 55 countries.

In 2001 Mexx was bought by the U.S. fashion company Liz Claiborne which deals with fashion, design, accessories and perfumes internationally.

Mexx was yet again sold in 2012 to The Gores Group, who unfortunately sent the brand into bankruptcy. In 2015 the brand was revived by Turkish Eroglu Holding who re-launched Mexx throughout Europe. Today Mexx is stronger than ever and sells Mexx fashion for men, a product range for children named Mexx Kids, several accessories and a large range of Mexx fragrances as well as carpets and bed linen.

James Blunt, the talented singer/songwriter, was the spokesperson for MEXX fragrances from 2012 to 2014. James was the face of Mexx Pure, a clean and pure scent with notes of cardamom and pepper at the top, a heart of tomato leaf and water notes while the base consist of moss and woodsy notes.

Another scent which James was the face of is Energizing from 2014. At the perfume launch James described the scent as ideal for him to “just spray it on and go”. Energizing is fresh and fruity fragrance, perfect for summer days and ideal for a busy lifestyle.

Most of Mexx fragrances have a female counterpart; this is true for Mexx Black Men which has a female version called Black Woman. Mexx Black Men is a surprisingly sweet fragrance with a great composition of aquatic aromas, fresh notes of water lily and woody accord at the base. Magnetic is another scent which comes in a male and a female version. The male version, Magnetic Man is a spicy delightful scent with zesty top notes of rhubarb, artemisa, kumquat and aldehydes. The seductive heart consist of violet leaf, coriander and water accord and the base is an intriguing blend of sandalwood, patchouli, cashmere wood and musk.

Worth mentioning is also Ice Touch Man from 2014. The perfume add feature Danielle Greyling and Levi Lomey. It is, as most of the Mexx fragrances, aimed at the sophisticated youth market. Ice Touch Man opens with fresh notes that blend into an aquatic heart which is wrapped in a base of woodsy notes. An ideal men’s fragrance for fresh carefree summer days.
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