Mont Blanc Individuel - For Him

By: Mont Blanc   Released: 2003

Individuel by Mont Blanc is a sweet and aromatic fragrance for men.

This refreshing fragrance features a mix of sweet accords and clean notes. It contains notes of pineapple, rosemary, coriander, cinnamon, juniper berries, mint, violet, jasmine and geranium on a base of sandalwood, raspberry, vanilla, dark chocolate, oakmoss and vetiver.

Mont Blanc Individuel was launched in 2003.

Mont Blanc Individuel Eau de Toilette 75ml Spray
Mont Blanc Individuel Eau de Toilette 75ml Sprayxmas gift for grandson
anita WATERS,
Review for "Mont Blanc Individuel Eau de Toilette 75ml Spray" version

I had previously bought this for my husband and son, this purchase was for my grandson for part of his xmas gifts. My son had given him a sample and he really liked it, hence the purchase.

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