Mugler Aftershave & Men's Fragrance

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Who is Thierry Mugler?

In 1978, a young Thierry Mugler opened his first Paris boutique at the Place des Victoires and, at the same time, he also launched his first fashion collection for men. In the ‘90s, he re-imagined his style and launched the Mugler perfume and aftershave empire we know today. With over 80 fragrances under his belt, it is no wonder the designer has become as much of an international superstar in the perfume world as in fashion.

The first Thierry Mugler men’s aftershave was created after the riotous success of his first women’s fragrance, Angel, which was a revolutionary new fragrance type known as gourmand. The first fragrance made for men was known as Angel Men or A*Men for short, released in 1996 and is one of the most popular Mugler aftershaves for men. The bottle was designed by Mugler himself and the scent has been released in an avalanche of new versions and limited editions, including A*Men Gold, A*Men Pure Coffee and A*Men Kryptomint.

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