Nautica Aftershave & Men's Fragrance

Nautica is an American sportswear and apparel brand established in 1983. The company offers great value and quality with a classic timeless style and their fragrances reflect the same ideals. The name is inspired by navigation and the sea, and is deeply connected to sailing. The brands maritime roots are also reflected in their sponsorship of prestige sailing competitions.

The company has more than 75 shops worldwide and sells sportswear, jeans, tailored clothes as well as shirts and swimwear that come in three different lines: Anchor, Crew and Fashion. Nautica has expanded their product line to include fragrances, glasses and home accessories like bedding.

The first male fragrance that Nautica offered was Nautica Cologne for Men, that appeared in 1992 in the brands trademark blue colour. This fragrance is citric and woody, with ingredients such as aldehydes, coriander, tarragon, neroli, cyclamen and oakmoss. In 1999, the brand presented the Latitude/Longitude men's line. The cologne is aromatic and spicy, with bergamot, coriander, tarragon, nutmeg and black tea. The fragrance Oceans Nautica for Men (2009) is aromatic and marine, containing lemon tonic, geranium, and salt rose. In that same year, Nautica launched Regatta, an aromatic and citric fragrance for men with mandarin, sage and mint. In 2015, the brand launched Life Energy, a woody men's scent with bergamot, grapefruit, sage and vetiver.
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