Nikos Aftershave & Men's Fragrance

Nikos Apostolopoulos is a controversial fashion designer from Greece who has raised plenty of eyebrows with his often shocking and sexy designs for men. He focuses on his own brand of challenging underwear but has also designed more average clothes as well as sports and street collections. The inspiration mainly comes from the culture of his native Greece and the often revealing and sensual ancient art that can be found there. In the 80's many recognized his iconic underwear which was extremely tight and featured very little coverage, essentially making it a jockstrap. Apostolopoulos brought in more female influences in the 90's and it was around this time that he launched the first Nikos fragrance. This première release was for ladies only but he soon followed it up with the light and soft Sculpture pour Homme (1995) which features fresh citrus fruits, orange blossom, amber and benzoin. It's inspired by Greek island life and the bottle is in the shape of a sail. Other popular Nikos cologne and fragrances include the oriental and woody Nikos for Men (2004) with lemon, spices, coffee, vanilla and sweet notes with a boozy edge.
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