No Fear Aftershave & Men's Fragrance

No brand is as associated with extreme sports as lifestyle label No Fear. Appearing in 1989 and founded by brother Mark and Brian Simo as well as Marty Moates, No Fear are known for their jeans and t-shirts, often emblazoned with the staring eyes that are also part of their logo.

Former race car driver Simo mixed sports, hip hop and metal styles with cool quotes and No Fear became extremely popular in the 90's, equally in with with rebellious teenagers as extreme sports enthusiasts. The clothes, complete with printed sarcastic musings like “He who dies with the most toys, still dies” and “2nd place is the first looser” made No Fear an immediate hit and the brand soon expanded, digging their claws into sports sponsorship, motor cross, fragrances and even energy drinks. The first No Fear shop opened its door in the year 2000. The brand is also known for the many parodies of their edgy designs.

The brand has released a number of No Fear fragrances, aftershaves and shower gels. One of their most popular scents is No Fear Extreme which is an aromatic for men with spicy notes of frankincense, ginger and peppermint on a base of amber and vanilla. It also comes with a shower gel with the same fragrance and staying true to the edgy nature of the brand several gift sets have been released with dog tags! Typhoon is another No Fear aftershave inspired by surfing and other extreme water sports. It captures the freshness of the ocean with notes of lemon, mint, ice and geranium.

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