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Penthouse Aftershave & Men's Fragrance

Penthouse is a men's magazine that first came out in the mid-1960's. It was launched by Bob Guccione, an Italian-American businessman and cartoonist who created the magazine to compete with Playboy which was incredibly popular at the time. Penthouse quickly got a reputation for being an even more risqué and than Playboy and aside from explicit pictorials they also featured articles about government corruption and scandals. Penthouse was an international success and made Guccione a very rich man. In the 70's he built a sprawling mansion in New York which is said to be one of the largest in the city, and he also funded the historical film Caligula; a biography of the titular Roman emperor starring Malcolm McDowell and Helen Mirren. Caligula is known as one of naughtiest big-budget films ever made and is definitely not for anyone under 18. In the 90's the magazine became more explicit than ever before and also became known for several publicity stunts, one involving trying to get Monica Lewinsky, the intern involved in the Bill Clinton scandal, to pose for Penthouse.

Penthouse have in later years released a set of fragrances which capture the youthful, rebellious and sexy spirit of the brand. Life On Top is a woody fragrance with fresh fruit, spices, juniper, musk and moss which makes for a fresh and sporty scent that's a perfect summer scent. Another great Penthouse cologne for men is Legendary (2014) which is a fresh breeze with citrus, grapefruit and woody vetiver.

Penthouse Timeline


Influential by Penthouse is a fresh fragrance for men. It...


Legendary by Penthouse is a citrus fragrance for men. It...


Powerful by Penthouse is a woody fragrance for men. It...


Prestigious by Penthouse is a men's fragrance that was launched...

Life On Top

Life On Top by Penthouse is a woody and spicy fragrance for...

Penthouse Life On Top
LIFE ON TOPLife On Top by Penthouse is a woody and spicy fragrance for...