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Roberto Cavalli Aftershave & Men's Fragrance

Roberto Cavalli is the embodiment of luxury, glamour, flamboyance and sexy style. He is an Italian fashion designer whose style is daring and often shows his love for animal prints.

In the early 70s he invented a technique in which he could print on leather. His textile print got him noticed by big fashion houses such as Hermès and Pierre Cardin, who commissioned him to create designs for their fashion lines. A few years later he decided to start a brand of his own, which today has grown into a multimillion company with stores in over 70 countries.

He not only designs women’s dresses, but also has a Roberto Cavalli men’s range featuring shirts, blazers, knitwear, trousers, shoes, bags and belts. All with the distinct animal print which earned him a small fortune of $500 million plus. As well as his clothes designs he has worked with many known brands; in 2007 he worked on a collection for H&M, it was called Wearing Cavalli. The range sold out in hours.

Brands which are not usually classed as stylish or fashion related have also got the Cavalli makeover. In 2008 he designed a limited edition diet coke bottle and the snake style Roberto Cavalli trademark print can also be found on a Disaronno limited edition bottle from 2015.

Christie Hefner (daughter of Hugh Hefner and CEO of Playboy) got in contact in 2005 and asked him to re-design the famous play bunny outfit. He has also dressed Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Lopez and the Spice Girls on various tours. He collaborated with JC Passion (a leading company in luxury classic furniture) where his classic animal prints and snake designs are seen throughout the furniture.
The Just Cavalli collection has not only clothes, but also an extensive range of Cavalli luxury watches, Cavalli sunglasses and of course the famous Cavalli sand blasted jeans which became an overnight hit. Robert Cavalli even has his own line of vodka, a luxury bottle with the trademark snake twisting itself around it.

Robert Cavalli is a man who won’t sit still; he tried to sell his company in 2008 but failed to find a suitable buyer, so instead of slowing down he decided to branch out and opened his very own luxury night club. A fitting place for a man who after all is the top designer when it comes to clothes for a crazy wild night out.

The Cavalli brand also includes a fragrance and perfume line, with over 30 bottles to his name. Just Cavalli for men was launched in 2013. A strong, spicy masculine scent with a fresh leathery wood composition. This fragrance is an ode to youth and seduction.
The Just Cavalli was so popular that a new edition was launched in 2014. Just Cavalli Gold for Him. It is sold in the same characteristic flacons as the Just Cavalli, but with combined gold metal and dark brown glass, and the distinct snake print on the stopper. Just Cavalli Gold for Him is masculine and strong Eau de Parfum with notes of black pepper, cardamom and ristretto coffee. The Cavalli aftershave style is unique and flamboyant just like Robert Cavalli himself.
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