Ted Lapidus Black Soul - For Him

By: Ted Lapidus   Released: 2009

Black Soul by Ted Lapidus is a woody spicy fragrance for men.

It contains notes of mint, cardamom, neroli, bergamot, cinnamon, saffron, tolu balm, resins, Guaiac wood, Chinese cedar and musk.

Black Soul was launched in 2009.

Ted Lapidus Black Soul Eau de Toilette 100ml Spray
Ted Lapidus Black Soul Eau de Toilette 100ml SprayAbsolutely a masterpiece!
gianluca mazzimini,
Review for "Ted Lapidus Black Soul Eau de Toilette 100ml Spray" version

When you spray it , there is no sign of that horid lurking outter bottle smell. Instead there is a powerful and un-usual scent. Very minty, Not entirely a bad scent which gets better "easier" to capture each element as time goes on and you find yourself trying to smell deeper and longer to discover all the hidden scents oozing off your skin. I think its the herbal effect of the Tolu. After 30 mins you are left with a very woodsie, Minty ( not fresh mint, but rather a dirty,heavy mint), very rich spicy, warm, definitely masculine aroma.I think the cinnamon plays a big role in carrying the mint into the more woody musky scents & masks them well.After a good hour if you smell your skin , that-there is the Masterpiece of this fragrance !!!The saffron, neroli and lemon blossom pick this deep and heavy scent up a notch to a very pleasing day dreamy almost fresher level, if only for a moment and then its gone !! overpowered by the musk & wood.

Ted Lapidus

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