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The Voice Aftershave & Men's Fragrance

The Voice is a TV singing competition that's aired in many different countries. It was created by John De Mol, the Dutch TV mastermind who also created Big Brother. Unlike most singing shows the artists are only judged by their voice and not their looks. This is done by having the contestants audition with the judges turned away so that they can only listen to the vocal performance. The judges also double as coaches for the hopefuls and instead of a all-out brawl for the top spot each judge selects their own team of contestants. At the last stage each of 4 judges have one contestant each and these compete against each other to be crowned "The Voice" and receive a major label recording contract.

The men's fragrance from The Voice comes in a sleek bottle designed like a microphone and offers up a fresh and masculine scent with floral highlights as well as pineapple and cardamom on a woody base. Even if you only sing in the shower, this fragrance will make you feel like a star!

The Voice