Topman Aftershave & Men's Fragrance

Topman is part of the Topshop empire and got its start as in the late 1960's as a department of the store Peter Robinson's. It debuted as a stand-alone shop in 1978. The brand focuses on fashion-forward clothes for men and is one of the biggest high street retailers in the UK.

Topman has its origins in the menswear shop in Chesterfield, England opened by founder Montague Burton in the early 1900s. Burton was a skilled businessman and was soon operating a whole chain of stores. Over the years the company grew and by the 1940's Burton's clothes were well known all over the UK. It was estimated that 1 in 5 British men were wearing Burton's clothes around the end of the second world war. Burton's assets were later collected within the Arcadia Group which manages Topshop and Topman to this day.

Topmans Oxford Circus flagship store is one of the largest in London and features 3 floors of shopping and even a barbershop! The Topman fragrances for men are quite minimalistic and consist of just a handful notes. The names are straight the point: Amber is a fresh fruity amber scent and Vetiver brings on the earthy, woody vibe the fragrance note is known for.
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