Yardley Aftershave & Men's Fragrance

Founded in 1770, Yardley of London is one of the oldest companies for perfumes, cosmetics and toiletries. Between the 19th and the 20th Century, Yardley became a major producer of soap and perfumery, receiving its first Royal Warrant in 1921. Since their creation, Yardley have gained various acknowledgments from the British Royal Family, which awarded them the Royal Warrant of Appointment six times. Yardley have also supplied several British monarchs with toiletries since (and including) Queen Victoria.

In the 60s, Yardley renovated their business and chose British model Twiggy to represent the brand. Twiggy rapidly became a fashion legend and Yardley sold products associated to her image, such as Twiggy Eyelashes and Twiggy Paint. Yardley ultimately became a perfume and cosmetic brand to look up to for British youth in the 60s.

Yardley are famous for using flowers grown in English soil, like Lavender from the South or white Lily. The lavender scent was popular in the Victorian Age and was exported to the U.S in 1880, where it had an immediate success.

Today the most popular male fragrances are Citrus & Wood, Gold and Chrome. Citrus & Wood unites elements of black pepper, oakmoss and sandalwood with top notes of tangy lime and bergamot. Gold has a fresher scent made more intense by the basil and lemon notes. Chrome represents Yardley’s heritage by blending its signature notes, rose and lavender, with apple, bergamot and coriander.
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