12 Autumn Fragrances To Warm Your Heart

The days are getting shorter and the air is cooling down, Autumn is here. Now that summer is over, it's time to switch from fresh and fruity scents to something warmer and cosier. 

Whatever your idea of cosy is, it's time to bring it on! As the sun sets earlier each day, we all could use a little extra joy, so why not try a fragrance that brings some warmth into your life?

Here, we have chosen the top perfume, aftershave, and unisex scent from the four main perfume categories for the colder months.

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Spicy Souls

Spices can invoke a whole range of emotions, from energetic to relaxing. With these fragrances, we have selected scents that incorporate warm spices, such as cloves, cumin, cardamom and cinnamon.

Kenzo Jungle Elephant Eau de Parfum (F)

Kenzo Jungle

If you think 'Kenzo', you may think 'Flower', but they have a few more popular releases which include 'Jungle L'Elephant'. This is a warm, spicy scent with cloves, cumin, cardamom, caraway, liquorice, mango, flowers, and vanilla. Mmmmm


Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb Infrared Eau de Toilette (M)

Spicebomb Infrared

This perfume has a very accurate name. You will be greeted with an explosion of saffron, pink pepper, and red fruits from the first spritz, but then settles nicely onto a cinnamon and tobacco base. Definitely one for spice lovers.


Gres Parfums État de Grace Eau de Parfum (U)


This Unisex option is also the cheapest of the three Spicy fragrances but don’t let that fool you. This perfume packs a punch! The combination of cinnamon with rose, violet, amber, and patchouli creates a deliciously warm, spicy amber scent.


Leather Lovers

Whether it’s leather or suede, the musky, animalistic notes it brings to perfume can be very comforting. Brands tend to use leather more in masculine fragrances, but it can create a beautiful scent for anyone.

Bottega Veneta Eau de Parfum (F)

Bottega Veneta

This mossy, earthy fragrance has leather, oak moss and patchouli at the base, which is paired with jasmine, pink pepper and bergamot. The inspiration for this scent was a library room in a rustic Italian home. Memories, anyone?


Lancôme Maison Santal Kardamon Eau de Parfum (U)

Maison Santal Kardamon

From the exclusive Maison Lancôme collection, Santal Kardamom is a beautiful offering for cold days. On a base of sandalwood, vanilla and leather sit notes such as cardamom, liquor, pepper and orange blossom. 


John Varvatos Eau de Toilette (M)

John Varvatos

John Varvatos is a fruity-sweet leather scent, which includes notes of leather, amber, dates, vanilla and oud, amongst others. A smooth and deep scent, perfect for autumn.


Amber Admirers

Amber fragrances radiate sensuality and warmth. It gives a musky, powdery, sweet, and warm scent to fragrances, making it ideal for cold weather.

Zadig & Voltaire This is Him Eau de Toilette (M)

This is Him

'This is Him' is a warm, enchanting fragrance from Zadig & Voltaire. It combines sandalwood, vanilla and incense with black pepper and grapefruit. Perfumes marketed towards men rarely include vanilla, which makes this even more exciting.


Serge Lutens Chergui Eau de Parfum (U)

Serge Lutens Chergui Eau de Parfum

Chergui is definitely a classic. The amber combines with sweet honey, tobacco leaf, smoky incense, hay, and sandalwood, amongst other notes. It creates a rich fragrance, perfect for a stroll through colourful autumnal leaves.


Hermès Elixir des Merveilles Eau de Parfum (F)

Hermès Elixir des Merveilles Eau de Parfum

This amber fragrance even comes in an amber-coloured bottle! Resinous amber, tolu balsam and siam resin meet orange peel, caramel, woods, incense and tonka bean in this beauty.

Wicked Woods

Woody fragrances seem to be a no-brainer for autumn scents. After all, who doesn’t like a stroll through a colourful forest on a sunny day? Whether it’s sandalwood, cedar, cypress or vetiver, woody fragrances are perfectly suited for the cold weather.

Chopard Rose Malaki Eau de Parfum (U)

Chopard Rose Malaki

Rose Malaki is a rather unique unisex fragrance. With notes of saffron, rose and cedar this perfume leaves a soft suede effect on the skin.

Lalique Encre Noire A L`Extreme Eau de Parfum (M)

Lalique Encre Noire A L`Extreme Eau de Parfum

With Encre Noire A L'Extreme, Lalique has created a woody, aromatic fragrance with a unique trail. It starts with cypress, elemi resin and bergamot in the top notes. These settle on base notes of vetiver, incense, sandalwood and patchouli.


Chloé Nomade Absolu de Parfum Eau de Parfum (F)

Chloe Nomade

Nomade Absolu de Parfum is a more intense version of Chloé Nomade and as such, it is darker and richer. Mirabelle, oakmoss, davana, sandalwood and musk create a uniquely woody-mossy scent with a fruity hint.


Have you found a new scent for the season yet? Of course, this snapshot represents only a fraction of the wonderful perfumes waiting to be explored. You can check out all of our fragrances here, don’t forget to filter them by fragrance family if you wish.