Beverage Notes In Fragrances

Most of us are familiar with the main fragrance families such as floral and woody, that describe the dominant notes. But have you ever heard of perfumes or aftershaves resembling popular beverages?

The human senses of smell and taste are very closely linked, so it is probably not so surprising that we generally like smells that are similar to things we like the taste of. But would you want to smell like your favourite drink? Maybe you already do but didn't realise it, that's why you love it so much…



Don’t drink it, wear it!



Not everyone will have favourable memories of this aniseed-flavoured spirit, but don't let those put you off. The traditional mix of herbs and spices such as aniseed, peppermint and coriander used to create it makes it quite an enticing scent. As a result, absinthe has become the aromatic notes in popular aftershaves such as Invictus Platinum by Paco Rabanne and Eternity Reflections by Clavin Klein.



Although the ingredients of this much-loved drink are a well-guarded secret, the sweet orange, caramel and coriander notes that create the Coca-Cola aroma are unmistakable. When they are combined with florals and vanilla in perfumes for women like Amor Amor Love Festival by Cacharel and Estee Lauder Youth Dew, they create a deliciously warm amber and vanilla scent.



The aromatic Coffee notes give a warm, dark and roasted smell to a fragrance that is often quite intense. Hence why such notes are popular with extreme versions of fragrances, such as Ralph Lauren Polo Red Extreme. However, some big-name brands including YSL have used coffee in perfumes such as Black Opium which are a little more subtle, warming the middle notes nicely.




Gin is a spirit that gets its flavour from juniper berries. Juniper berries give a botanical and aromatic note that does great as a top note in Woody, Fougere and Chypre fragrance compositions. Fragrances that have a gin note include First Instinct by Abercrombie & Fitch and Magic Man by Bruno Banani. 


Masala Chai

Masala Chai is a fragrant, sweet tea filled with spices. Masala Chai contains tea, milk, sugar, black pepper, cardamom and ginger. These are all notes that can be found on their own in fragrances but when blended together they become a delicious, warm and cosy scent. Omnia by Bvlgari is a warm amber spicy fragrance that contains these Masala Chai notes. 



The Mojito is a cocktail that originated in Cuba. The ingredients of a Mojito are white rum, sugar cane juice, lime juice, soda water and mint to produce a deliciously refreshing summer beverage (click here for a great Mojito recipe). In perfumery, It’s the lime and mint that come through most and they make for fantastically fresh top notes. Fragrances with Mojito notes include Guerlain Homme and Cosmic by Agent Provocateur.




Rum is a liquor that is made from fermented sugarcane juice. As rum is aged in oak barrels, it will also bring a woody element to it. You might be surprised to read that rum is actually quite a common fragrance note.

It combines really well with spices, making rum a great note for a sweet and aromatic fragrance. Wanted Girl By Night by Azzaro and 212 VIP by Carolina Herrera are popular examples of fragrances with rum notes.



Whiskey is a beverage made from various fermented grains that often has an eye-wateringly high alcohol content but is packed with flavours from dried fruits, honey, and chocolate to herbs and spices. 

Whiskey is also aged in wooden barrels just like rum so in perfumery, whiskey notes often come through as sweet, woody and spicy.  Sophisticated and complex fragrances like Tom Ford Tobacco Oud and Carolina Herrera Men Prive use these whiskey notes really well.

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