Men's Hairstyling Products - Which Should You Choose?

Prevent bad hair days by using the right styling products for your hair type. This will help you achieve your desired look consistently.

Today's market for men’s hair products is pretty massive. It has expanded widely over recent years with hundreds of brands; ranging from new barbershops to well-established luxury haircare brands, jumping in with a range of different options. All these men's styling products are great, but with so many now available it can be a little daunting when trying to find the right one for you.

Help is here in the form of a short guide to the styling product types, what they are designed to do and for what hair type. Enabling you to better filter your search based on your hair styling needs.


Bad hair day

Hair Styling Product Guide


The Hair Types 

Men have different types of hair, which we can divide into categories and sub-categories.

They all come with their particular need for styling products or tools to keep the hair in shape and manageable. The list includes; Thick, Normal, Coarse, Thinning or Fine, Matt, Frizzy or Dry. Oily or Greasy, Straight or Curly and Long or Short.

Common Products Types

When picking your Styling Products, know your hair type and have a clear goal in mind for your desired look. Do you want extra hold, less or more volume? More texture, less frizzy, extra shine, taming etc.? For an extensive guide to styling product properties click here


stylish male hair


Pomade - Stylish 

You can choose from oil or water-based options to achieve either a less or more “oily and stylish look”. It gives your hair extra shine and height with its glue-type texture. The pomade has a medium to high hold in terms of how long the product keeps.

The water-based pomade is more common, as it is more manageable and easier to wash out. The water-based Pomade achieves a rather more stiff and crunchy finish when it dries. 

Pomade is a popular product that can be used on most hair types. It is good for thick or thin hair and gives a classic look. To achieve a retro look, use it on shorter hair.  


natural male hair


Cream - Natural 

Cream is also a versatile product type that seems to work well on thinning and fine hair and on medium to long hair lengths. Cream products such as D:FI Extreme Hold Styling Cream 75g contain oil and amino acids that keep your hair strong and flexible but produce a very natural result. 

Cream should not be applied on wet or damp hair, for the best result apply it after towelling drying

It has the opposite effect of the pomade and is not made for sculpting. It is lightweight and has a low hold, giving men with thinning hair enough texture without adding too much.

It's good for men with long, dry hair who want shiny, conditioned hair strands and need help controlling it. 


Matte Male Hair


Clay - Matte 

Hair Clay's main job is to add more volume and a matte finish to your hair! Products such as American Crew Classic Molding Clay 85g actually use Clay as ingredients (bentonite and kaolin), as well as beeswax to give your hair a super textured look.

Clay gives a trendy messy look that lasts all day and works on both dry and damp hair.  

The ‘high hold’ properties of hair clay work very well with medium to thick hair types. It is a good product for greasy hair that needs extra support. Clay is like hair wax, providing a matte finish and strong hold, and should be applied down to the roots for a lasting effect.


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