Style Perfect Beach Waves In 4 Simple Steps

Do you want to achieve amazing trendy Summer beach waves without having to visit the beach and dip into the salty sea? Here are some exciting tips and tricks to recreate the look.

The trendy beach waves hairstyle is a simple and popular look that anyone can master! The “relaxed curl” style flatters everyone's face shape. It works with all hair types and hair lengths that can be curled. There is certainly no age limit to this hairstyle and it suits every occasion, all year around!


Beach waves hair

4 Step Beachy Waves Tutorial

You don't need a lot to create this hairstyle, just our easy styling tips and a few haircare products, and you're there. Find more information on hairstyling and beach waves here


1. Prep your hair

A good tip is always to try to style your hair when it is “dirty” or between washes (so no shampoo conditioner is required). It makes the styling that bit easier as the hair is a bit more forgiving and the waves are more likely to keep.

Prep your hair with an instant volume-giving hair care product such as Aveda Pure Abundance Style Prep 100ml. Spray the product onto dry (or damp) hair and comb the hair through. Try to spray into the root of your scalp to lift the volume of your hair even more. 

Use a good heat-protecting spray such as Phyto Phytokeratine Repairing Heat Protecting Spray 150ml to protect the hair from heat damage when you are creating your waves. Spray it all over your hair, dry or damp.

Add some hair oil to the ends (Moroccanoil Body Pure Argan Oil) to create a healthier and more natural beach wave look.


2. Section your hair

To achieve lovely-looking beach waves in the easiest way possible, you should first section your hair!

Section off your bottom and top hair with clips.

Then make two separate sections on the right and the left of your already sectioned bottom and top hair.


Beach wave hair options

3. Start creating the waves

Use a curling iron or a styling heated tool made for curls such as Diva Pro Styling Digital Tong - 32mm and twist away from your face!

Remember to leave one or two inches off the ends of your hair to get the beachy look!


4. Finishing touches

Let your hair cool down before you start your finishing touches with some styling products!

Brush out your beach waves with a hairbrush, such as a Denman Paddle Brush D83 - Black or a wide tooth comb! 

To add more texture use some hair like Matrix Vavoom Freezing Extra Full Finishing Hair Spray 500ml and spray onto your brush and brush the waves through gently. 

To make the waves long-lasting use the infamous sea salt water spray! Label.m Sea Salt Spray 200ml. Spray some of the product into your hand, “touch the waves” and let it rest.

Lastly, take your hair spray and spray the whole hair roughly 30cm from your head, bend over and let your hair fall down and then spray underneath your hair to stop the waves from falling out.

You're all done and looking amazing!


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