How To Prevent & Treat Sun Damaged Hair

Most people remember to apply sunscreen to their skin when they feel it's needed and typically forget about their hair and scalp. Throwing on a hat can help but when it's long and protruding out or while you are enjoying the sun hat free, maybe in the water, your hair is suffering.

The intense radiation from the sun plus the dehydrating effects of saltwater and chlorine can be devastating for your hair!

Thankfully, haircare products developed for protection against the sun are available. Such products are for use before and during sunbathing. They contain a special sunscreen formula which protects the hair by creating a protective film along each strand of hair and over the scalp. There's a broad offering of SPF levels UVA and UVB protection so be sure to read the labels and find suitably high protection.

sun damaged Hair

Sunbathing unprotected

If you've found yourself in the sun or even headed to the beach without adequate protection then your head and scalp can quickly become damaged. Your hair will noticeably lose its elasticity, suppleness and shine and the cuticle layer of the scalp will likely be dry and burnt.

You may have noticed previously that it becomes quite difficult to effectively style after exposing your head to such conditions. To address this and get back to your good hair days, the structure must be rebuilt and the moisture balance must be stabilized.

Sunbathing woman

How to protect your hair?

We recommend choosing a waterproof sun protection so that you do not have to spray your hair every time you have been in the water.

There is a big difference in factor number of sun protection haircare products, so make sure you read the label and opt for a suitably high one. We would suggest one over SPF15 if you want proper lasting protection.

While you are enjoying the sun, your hair suffers, the sun’s rays act much like bleach so it is important to protect it and ensure that it gets extra moisture in the heat.

If you are adequately protected, the cuticle layer will become less porous and worn, while the hair remains healthy and retains its shine.

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Treating Sun Damaged Hair

After sunbathing unprotected, the hair structure must be rebuilt and the moisture balance must be stabilized.

Firstly, give your hair a good wash with shampoo to remove any sand, salt, chlorine etc.

Then apply a hair treatment mask, massaging it in well from roots to tips and leave it in for 5-10 minutes. Rinse and gently towel dry. Please follow the manufacturer's instructions and directions when applying any product to your hair.

You may find that the hair ends need extra treatment as they appear dry and brittle. In this case, use a sun protection oil to repair and protect them from further damage.

Olaplex are one of the leading brands for haircare treatment and they have products such as the Olaplex No.3 Hair Perfector, which is great for bringing sun-damaged hair back to life.


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