How To Give Yourself A Temporary Tattoo Using Perfume And Paper

Have you always wanted to see what a tattoo would look like, but you’re not ready for the commitment yet? Perhaps you’re looking for fun (and fragrant) activities to keep you busy while indoors, or you want to have some fun on a night in.

Well, there’s a way to tattoo yourself with any design for free using just paper and perfume!

Temporary Tattoo Steps

Step 1: Choose your design

Step 1.

Find a design online or create one yourself. You can find some gorgeous free designs here: Free Tattoo Designs.

Step 2: Print or trace your image

Print out your design onto a regular sheet of paper. If you don’t have a printer in your home, try a local library! Or if you’re really in a pinch, use some tape to stick your paper to a laptop or PC screen, and trace the outline lightly using normal pen ink.

Step 3: Create a stencil

Step 3.

Roughly cut around the design, being careful to not snip off any part of the image. Now you have your tattoo stencil!

Step 4: Coat your stencil

Step 4.

Coat your paper stencil in a layer of perfume. You can use any perfume you like – but because of the higher alcohol content in colognes and EDT (Eau de Toilettes) you might find that these types of perfume work best for transferring your image to your skin.

Step 5: Soak the stencil

Soak your stencil in hot water for 2-3 minutes. This helps transform the rigid paper into a pliable sheet that you can shape to the surface you’re applying it to.

Step 6: Apply some more perfume

Apply another layer of perfume to the stencil once you’ve removed it from the water. Don’t forget to take a deep breath and enjoy it! If you are running low then pick up some Cheap Perfume or Aftershave here.

Step 7: Apply perfume to your skin

Step 7.

Spray perfume onto the area of your skin where you want the tattoo. Try to use the same perfume you applied to the stencil, just to help prevent being overwhelmed by the aroma.

Step 8: Apply your prepped stencil

Press the stencil (ink side down) firmly onto your skin for 2 minutes. Avoid moving the stencil or the skin during this time as it might lead to smudging.

Step 9: Remove the stencil

Step 9.

Carefully peel away your stencil using a steady, single movement. Ripping it off could lift the ink off your skin, so be sure to go slow! And voila! You have a temporary tattoo that will last up to two weeks! Apply Vaseline regularly to help it last even longer.


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