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Scented or perfumed candles have become extremely popular in the last few years. Made with fragrance oils, they cover unpleasant smells and can fit all kinds of tastes. Well-placed candles are great for keeping the house fresh during the warmer months or to lend a cosy ambience to your cold winter nights! Citrus scents are great in the kitchen while floral aromas can refresh the bedroom and living room areas. A fruity scented candle made with peach or raspberry works wonderfully in the bathroom.

Candles are a great home accessory with a long history that dates back to primitive times. The definition of the word “candle” comes from Latin “candere” that meant “to shine”. Originally made with animal and vegetables fats, candles were used for illumination and religious purposes. The process of candle making has changed throughout the centuries and is based today on waxes; these come from a variety of ingredients, like mineral oils, plants extract and paraffin. But which candle wax last the longest? The pricey palm wax usually has the best burn time, followed by the luxurious beeswax. Paraffin candles are available at much cheaper prices but tend to melt a lot faster.

Furthermore, scented candles make a perfect festive accessory. They can add warmth to your Christmas holidays with spicy notes of cinnamon, zesty mandarin and even gingerbread! An additional candle lantern in your living room or in the garden will give your house the right festive spirit. Some perfume houses - like Thierry Mugler and Agent Provocateur to name a few - produce luxurious scented candles based on their most successful fragrances. This allows perfume lovers to enjoy their favourite scents not only as personal accessories, but also around their homes!

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