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Deodorant Spray

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Deodorant sprays are a great way of keeping fresh throughout today. Perfume Click has a fantastic assortment of cheap deodorant sprays as well as bath & body products from all your favourite fragrance brands, including Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein, Davidoff and Paco Rabanne!

While originally just used as an antiperspirant, spray deodorants have become increasingly popular in the last decade and there’s now a multitude of choices available for both men and women. The active ingredients normally include substances like alcohol, sodium chloride, triclosan as well as aluminium chloride if the spray is an antiperspirant. Along with this is commonly a small quantity of pure perfume which gives the deodorant its fragrance.

One of the most common questions we get about deodorants is which type to choose; a deodorant spray or a roll on? The classic spray vs. roll on debate has been going on for years and there are good arguments to be made for both. While the roll-on deodorant is small and portable it can also be sticky and leave marks on clothing. With a deodorant spray you get precision and instant dryness, which can be really important if you’re on the go! Sprays also tend to have the highest concentration of perfume, so if you want to make an impact the deodorant spray should be your go-to.

There are also other kinds of deodorant sprays. Most sprays will use pressurised bottles but there are also some examples of deodorants in so-called natural sprays, meaning a traditional perfume-style bottle with a nozzle. If you are careful about your impact on the environment or have very sensitive skin then these are the types of deodorants sprays to go for!
Perfume Click may be a perfume shop, but we stock an amazing collection of cheap deodorant sprays as well. Get a bargain on best-selling deo products from classic brands like Lynx and Dove or explore our discounts on sprays from David Beckham, Issey Miyake, Hugo Boss, Gloria Vanderbilt and many more!
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