Eau de Cologne

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Eau de Cologne has a long and interesting history. First introduced in the 18th Century by Giovanni Maria Farina, the name derives from the French word for the German city of Cologne, where Farina had just relocated to from Italy. His fragrance water quickly became a favourite amongst the upper classes all around Europe. This was also reflected in the price of Cologne which could cost the wearer a small fortune. The business was booming and soon prompted other manufacturers to follow suit. Most famously, the legendary 4711 Eau de Cologne started production in 1799 and is one of the oldest fragrances still in production today. The very first Creed fragrance is another famous example of the early colognes for sale during this period.

The main difference between a modern Eau de Cologne and other scent types is the concentration of perfume oil. With only 2%-5% perfume oil, Eau de Colognes are the lightest fragrances available on the market. This often results in fresh and airy scents. Ingredients most commonly feature citrus fruits, soft florals such as geranium or herbs like peppermint.

Although there are Eau de Colognes designed exclusively for men or women, its fresh characteristics make it a fantastic unisex option. Some of the most popular high end colognes are produced by big brands such as Jo Malone, Chanel and Guerlain. Check out Perfume Click's selection of cheap cologne and discover scents from the biggest brands for less!

How to use cologne:
Simply spray generously from a distance as you would with any other fragrance and reapply over the day as needed.
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