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Whether discount nail varnish or the Black Diamond King polish priced at over 200,000 a bottle - the best nail colour is easy to apply, chip-resistant and most importantly available in your favourite colour! Manicure has come a long way and nail polish today comes in all shapes and shades. You can buy anything from matte nail polish to glitter top coats. Ever evolving new nail polish ideas have helped to catapult nail care to the ranks of one of the most successful sectors of the beauty industry! Pioneering caviar and special effect manicure sets were made popular by Ciaté while OPI set the mark for crackle polishes with their Shatter range. Shellac and gel nail polishes are the latest trend and use UV lights to make them last up to 3 weeks. Companies have conveniently started to offer nail polish holders to keep on top of your growing collection.

Dating back to 3000BC, nail color has been used to mark status and affiliation for centuries. Other than today's chemical combination of a polymer and solvents, ancient nail varnish was created from beeswax, eggs and vegetable or plant dye such as henna. During the Zhou dynasty, metallics like gold and silver were en vogue amongst royalty in China. Red first came into fashion around the same time and reached its iconic status when Rita Hayworth's nails were first broadcast in Technicolor. It has proven to be one of the most popular colours until this day!

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