Amouage Perfume & Women's Fragrance

The highly esteemed perfume house Amouage began in Oman and is probably the only fragrance company founded by a Sultanate. Perfumery has always been popular in the region and goes back thousands of year. In 1983 the Sultanate of Oman launched Amouage to bring the beloved scents of Oman to the outside world and since then they have grown to become a highly respected luxury brand.

Amouage have always enlisted the perfume world's cream of the crop to work on their scents and their very first fragrance, the elegant Gold for Women (1983) combined rose hip and civet under the direction of famed French nose Guy Robert. Even though their fragrances have become quite popular in Europe over the years Amouage has always held on to the oriental tradition of strong, long-lasting floral scents with quality ingredients. They are also well known for their unique bottles with inspiration from the Middle-East.

Notable fragrances for women include Ubar (1995) which brings together zesty citrus fruit and florals in a combination that's as powerful as it is elegant and Fate (2013) which comes in a mesmerising iridescent bottle that seems to shift from colour to colour and features an equally varied scent with pepper, cinnamon, vanilla and leather all making an appearance.
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