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Aquolina Gold Sugar - For Her

By: Aquolina   Released: 2013

Gold Sugar by Aquolina is a floral gourmand fragrance for women.

This mouthwatering perfume starts with bold citrus notes of orange and mandarin orange perfectly blended with neroli that bursts in a creamy and mellow heart of tropical coconut, indulgent crème brulée and sweet orange blossom. The scent is finally rounded off with a tinge of soft musk, Australian sandalwood and tempting whipped cream in the base.

This is a great summer fragrance characterized by sweet and creamy gourmand notes with a hint of citrus. Gold Sugar is enclosed in a golden bottle just as the name recalls, and is also available in the pure gold texture of the rich shower gel and deeply nourishing pampering body butter.

Gold Sugar by Aquolina was launched in 2013.

Aquolina Gold Sugar Eau de Toilette 30ml Spray
Aquolina Gold Sugar Eau de Toilette 50ml SpraySweet, Creamy, Citrus, Vanilla
Review for "Aquolina Gold Sugar Eau de Toilette 50ml Spray" version

A lovely warm and sweet smell, similar to pink sugar, but without the liquorice base. Very long lasting.

Aquolina Gold Sugar Eau de Toilette 30ml SprayLovely creamy and yummy
D Hamill,
Review for "Aquolina Gold Sugar Eau de Toilette 30ml Spray" version

This is a lovely perfume. Hard to describe but sweet (but not too sweet), creamy, slightly coconutty and tropical. Just perfect for warm summer nights! And you needn't worry about smelling like a teenage girl - this is much more grown up.

Aquolina Gold Sugar Eau de Toilette 30ml SprayBest sweet perfume!
Stavroula Liv.,
Review for "Aquolina Gold Sugar Eau de Toilette 30ml Spray" version

My first perfume of AQUOLINA and very satisfied. From the first spray you get a nice sweet, kind of edible smell that makes you feel nice, confident and desired woman. I wish it lasted longer on my skin cause after two hours I can only smell it with my nose to my wrist. Nice perfume anyway!


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