Baldessarini Perfume & Women's Fragrance

Baldessarini owes its name to founder Werner Baldessarini, one of the most influential designers from Hugo Boss AG. He launched this luxurious label for men in 1994, and the brand has gone on to become well-known for its attention to details and sophistication.

Werner Baldessarini received the prestigious Michael Award, a distinctive award for achievements in the fashion world in the USA, for his creativity and contributions to fashion. Baldessarini has always stood for mature elegance, its slogan being "Separates the men from the boys”.

Baldessarini isn't just a refined retailer of men's clothing but also makes several excellent fragrances for men as well as deodorants, aftershaves and shower gels. Among some of their most popular fragrances you find Strictly Private (2011), Ambre (2007) and Del Mar (2005).
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