Banana Republic Perfume & Women's Fragrance

Banana Republic is a fashion retailer established by the Ziegler marriage in United States in the 70's. Banana Republic had a unique style, with safari-themed clothing, and it changed to a more sophisticated style when it was acquired by The Gap, Inc. in the 80's.
The idea of this acquisition was to provide a more mainstream and luxurious approach to a brand that was already well settled in the fashion market.
Banana Republic has stores all over the world, not only for clothing, but also for its characteristic fragrances, created in collaboration with Inter Parfums, Inc.
"Classic" is one of the first unisex fragrances from the brand, and it was launched in 1995. Its fruity and flowery notes are a refreshing blend for daytime use.
Banana Republic always tries to launch fragrances both for men and women at the same time.
Amongst Banana Republic most successful fragrances for women, we can find Wildbloom, that follows the adventure spirit of the brand, with tropical fruits and exotic flowery notes.
Republic of Women is a fruity and floral creation of Harry Fremont; appropriate for fans of the adventure.
Malachite is another oriental fragrance created by Banana Republic in 2007. This beautiful scent contains enticing ingredients like peony, water hyacinth, sandalwood, musk, pepper, vanilla and green mango.
This fragrance can be found in Eau de Parfum and Body cream formats.
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