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Betty Boop Perfume & Women's Fragrance

Betty Boop is a cartoon character that was created by Max Fleischer. She made her first appearance in the early 30's. Fleischer found the inspiration for this new character in a popular singer at the time, Baby Esther, and the most noticeable similarity is the use of the phrase “boop-boop-a-doop”. Betty made her first appearance in the animated short Dizzy Dishes and was originally a love interest for the character Bimbo. Due to the success of her character in various supporting roles she got her own show in 1932 voiced by stars of the time like Margie Hines, Ann Rothschild and Cindy Robinson.

Miss Boop was featured heavily in comic strips and in movies and became the first cartoon sex symbol. Betty was also a symbol for the depression era and her image was quite daring. When her series was showing it was deemed provocative to wear revealing items and the character did just that by wearing short dresses and flashing her garterbelt. This was before the so-called Hayes Code came in effect and banned overtly sexual content in most films and shows and Betty Boop is a good example of how risqué even cartoons could be in the 30's. In 2015 Betty Boop's 85th anniversary was celebrated with Fleischer Studios' releasing a eight-part series about Betty's rise to fame.

The first Betty Boop fragrance, bearing the same name, launched in 1994. This oriental floral fragrance embodies the essence of all that Betty stood for – innocent and appealing. In 2011 four fragrance were added to the collection simultaneously. Party Betty, Princess Betty, Sexy Betty and Angel Betty all contain a fruity/floral note and have special edition bottles that are a must-have for anyone's vanity.
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