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Bond No 9 West Broadway - For Her

By: Bond No 9   Released: 2003

West Broadway is a very simple composition with only a few very well chosen notes, the main ones being smoky Lapsang Souchong tea, lily of the valley, lime and musk — but what it lacks in sheer components it makes up in the strength of its execution. It is a simple, fairly linear fragrance that maintains a strong yet subdued masculine profile.

West Broadway by Bond No 9 has stood the test of time; it was launched in 2003 and is still to be found today.

A nice clean simple scent you can’t go wrong with this one.

Bond No 9 West Broadway Eau de Parfum 50ml Spray
Bond No 9 West Broadway Eau de Parfum 50ml SprayBond no 9 Classic Collection Fragrance
Fernando Rapado,
Review for "Bond No 9 West Broadway Eau de Parfum 50ml Spray" version

Is this the unsung Hero by Bond no 9? Maybe...This scent is totally unique as it provides an unusual blend of citrus notes with possibly incense, cannabis and musk...Very different from everything else I have tried before...I would recommend using it in spring/summer as the scent is a bit on the light side; although it does last a good while.

Bond No 9

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